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What Is The Role Of Shop Floor Data Collection Systems In A Business?

Shop floor data collection software collects data from factory by taking advantage of different technologies just like barcode scanners, touch screen terminals, RF readers or even through standard computers. But that is only the start since a good floor data collection system is gathering info and is providing managers with real-time feedback of what’s currently happening. A big number of the systems are interfacing with ERP systems too to be able to provide valuable intelligence to the business that is used for accounting and even forecasting at highest levels.

Majority of the manufacturers like to know their efficiency in building their products. They want to be sure that their employees have parts that they need in filling orders, that machines run the way they’re supposed to and that they’re doing the work. The sad thing is that, most manufacturers are still manually collecting this information by using spreadsheets or paper forms. Aside from the fact that this causes countless hours of unnecessary data entry and paperwork, this at the same time is prone to errors and even fudging.

The main aim of shop floor data collection software is to get all important intelligence not just fast but foolproof as well. In addition to that, it is focused on eliminating cumbersome process of performing manual time reporting, which as a result saves hundreds of man hours annually in wasted time for average factories. Rather than taking notes on paper, the employees can report work activities with just few touches on the screen or, with 2 or 3 scans of barcode order traveler.
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Not just the fact that all these info are collected in a more accurate manner, it is also received by the managers faster. This basically gives managers the chance to act on that data in making necessary modifications that can get be done faster. A quick example for this is, if ever there is stall on order A as a result of missing part, the shift supervisor could reallocate the resources in almost an instant to start the work on order B until the needed parts came in.
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Shop floor data collection systems aren’t designed to just help manufacturers boost their labor productivity because at the same time, it is helping manufacturers get the most from their equipment. A vital component that the software has is to monitor the machine in collecting machine downtime and uptime automatically and calculate metrics like overall effectiveness of the equipment.

By tying to the machine’s PLC or Programmable Logic Controllers is how contemporary systems provide machine monitoring features. Not like in older machines, it’s possible to monitor it by hardwiring a reading device into the machine in order to measure its light pole, Hobbs meter or any other indicator.