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How to Choose a Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes are known to represent excitement of celebration as well as gathering your family and friends to do fun-filled activities and other bonding events. Birthday cakes represent the essence of the birthday celebration. No matter what age you belong to, if there’s a birthday party, there will always be the presence of a delicious cake. Because cakes are bound to be a selection of different flavors, you will really have a difficult time choosing the best one. Generally speaking, in choosing a cake, you need to consider the gender of the celebrant, the age of the person, the type of celebration the person wants, the size of the cake and a lot more.

There are different types of cakes that are intended for the birthday celebration.

The designer cakes
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When you talk about designer cakes, you are referring to the latest fad wherein there are only unique cakes to choose from that can really get you wow. There are two things that you must take into consideration in deciding whether to go for simple cakes or sophisticated ones and these are based on your budget as well as the celebration you have. But in general, when you say designer’s cake, you really must have a higher budget for it.
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The tiered cakes

Tiered cakes are your best option when you are organizing a very big event since the size of the cake is really bigger than the usual. For simple parties, the tiered cakes are often up to two layers already but you have the option to go higher.

Rich cream cakes

Rich cream cakes are very effective to give for those birthday celebrants that love chocolates. Since this type of cake has less bread but more cream, the tendency is that when you take the first bite, your mouth will mostly taste the cream. If you are going to offer this cake, your guests will surely give you good compliments about the taste of it.

The cake brownie

This type of cake is best for those who are looking for something different. Cake brownies basically have less icing but are considered heavy cakes. This is best for those parties that only have a cake as desserts.

Ice cream birthday cakes

Ice creams are loved by a lot and if you have an ice cream flavour cakes to serve, the crowd will surely love it. The deliciousness of the cake is already seen on how it looks. But this type of cake is not really recommended for hosting large birthday parties. The basic reason for this is that ice cream cakes melt easily.

There are still more variations of cakes out there if you only know of a pastry chef.