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Are Refilling Ink Cartridges Safe?

There are a lot of ink refilling shops present which have been established over the recent years. Instead of purchasing a new cartridges, these ink refilling shops simply refill your existing empty cartridges. There are even ink refilling shops that sell a do it yourself ink refill kit.

The idea of having to refill an ink cartridge is just more amazing than having to buy a new one. Original cartridges cost more than having to refill an ink cartridge. Can anything go wrong in doing ink refills?

Why do consumers prefer ink refills? Replacement cartridges are more costly. Buying replacement cartridges are over fifty percent more in cost than having an empty cartridge refilled.
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There are compelling reasons why having your empty ink cartridge refilled is the best choice to take.
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Inkjet printers work well with ink refills. Liquid ink of colors black, yellow, cyan, and magenta are used through a inkjet printer. Most large ink refilling companies refill empty ink cartridges with the promise of quality as you would expect from a replacement cartridge. Having your empty cartridges refilled than throwing them actually contributes a lot of help to the environment. Ink cartridges are made of plastic materials and when disposed it is added to the non-biodegradable items. Ink refilling activities can contribute to the elimination of waste in the community.

However, refilling ink cartridges for laser printers is discouraged. The process of refilling ink cartridges for laser printers is done in a substandard way by ink refilling companies. A refilled ink cartridge for a laser printer usually ends us messing the printer.

What are the measures in doing an ink refill? Here are the things you need to refill an empty ink cartridge. You would obviously need a printer ink. A printer ink is available at any inf refill shop. A disposable syringe is necessary to proceed with the ink refilling process. Consider to get a syringe with a smaller needle. You would obviously need your empty ink cartridge that you need to refill.

After you have gathered the materials, you have to find the black spot of the cartridge. The hole through which the ink can be injected is found underneath the black spot. You just inject the ink into the cartridge and it’s done.

Be very slow and cautious in drawing ink into the syringe so as not to produce bubbles in the syringe. Air gaps are formed in the cartridge when bubbles are present. Blocked ink cartridges most probably have air gaps in them from rapidly drawing ink into the syringe thus producing air bubbles.

Refilling an ink cartridge can get pretty messy. Make sure you have a piece of cloth to wipe excess ink off.