Petite Feet: Finding the Fit

Women with petite feet either luck out or lose when it comes to shopping. Women that wear a  size 5 or a 6 can often find the exact style they want in their size, since so few people wear them. If a woman happens to be smaller than a size 6, the inventory often has a sparse selection, if any. Wherever you may find yourself on this side of the shoe, there are a few ways to make the life of petite feet women a little easier.


Shopping in Department Stores

If you are looking for shoes in your size, it can help to plan ahead. Some stores, most of them higher end, will stock specific sizes for certain customers upon request. Just look for the styles online and call or email a representative at your local store and ask them to have the petite shoes and styles in store upon your next arrival.

Alternatively, some department stores do have specific outlets that carry a larger selection of items. Do a bit of research do find if your favourite stores have outlets for shoes.

Visit Pageant Stores

The number one complaint women make about being forced to shop in the “little girls'” section is the fact that most of the styles and shoes look so immature. Visiting stores that specialize in pageants and beauty competitions may be the solution you are looking for. A company that specializes in outfitting girls and teenagers for their pageants is bound to have some classy petite shoes. Often times, the styles of these smaller shoes are just as good, if not better, than what you will find in stores.

The best thing about these pageant companies is that they are used to taking down custom orders. If you find a style that you like but want to request some changes, don’t hesitate to do so. Having the right fit is what makes being in your own shoes so comfortable.

Go Thrifting

A visit to the thrift store can often be a hit or miss, but try anyway. Many people give away barely worn items because they have outgrown them or the items don’t match their style. Taking a look through the shoe section may leave you with a pleasant surprise of new petite shoes.

Thrift stores often have exciting selection with prints, fabrics, and designs that you won’t see anywhere else. A visit to the thrift store can easily make your footwear fashion forward. Additionally, a thrift store trip is a great way to find shoes that are in need of a makeover. If you just can’t seem to find the petite shoes you are looking for, take a basic pair of shoes that fit well and go to town. Try adding fabric and dying the shoes to get just the look you are going for.

Being a woman with petite feet can often feel like a bad thing, but this needn’t be the case. Just use a little creativity and shopping know how to get the best buys on petite shoes.