Snapchat work in the end is what it felt like?

On Monday morning, a large group of Snapchat employees were locked out of the company. They soon realized that this was not by accident. They and Coach Outlet all staff believe that this situation occurs, but Snapchat’s secret team night overnight in the Office of research and development, resulting in the employee’s current password to use a card failure. Be shut out of the employees had to enter through the back door company. In this fast-growing technology start-up companies in Los Angeles, a situation that often occurs, is an integral part of the company confused and busy life

Snapchat, secrets and catastrophe is like the shadow. After the new staff enters the company first thing to learn is to keep a secret. Internal project will “pop up”, or “disappeared”, and without any explanation. Recently, Business Insider interviewed more than 10 Snapchat of current and former employees, through their words to describe the mysterious company employee’s work experience. In many people’s eyes, Snapchat’s success is mainly founded on the vision of its CEO Spiegel, he used his know-how to quickly capture the young user’s position. However, things may not be so simple, Snapchat quickly emerged, but some of its arcane rules let employees feel “cold”. Along with the user’s activity increased in growth especially in the younger age groups, Snapchat has become among Facebook, one of the most popular social networking platforms, with corresponding, is its rapid growth in advertising revenue. At present, the company prepared over the years one of the largest initial public offering (IPO), raising as much as $ 25 billion.

Coach reporters spoke to Snapchat current and former employees, through their description to let the world know in so mysterious a technology company, exactly what it felt like? Many people believe that Snapchat’s success is mainly due to the confidence and vision of the company, Chief Executive of Spiegel. He used his skills to quickly capture the younger user’s position. However, Snapchat quickly emerged, but its mysterious ways are hard to build cohesion, even employees who are deeply frustrated. One former employee said, “I think I’m not valuable part of the team. You don’t know what’s going on, a lot of things are learned through the media. It makes me feel like an outsider, is a fool. “Spiegel and Snapchat, how to lose magic enhancing group cohesion in the context of the company, is a critical issue.