These Are The Most Popular Wedding Songs Of 2016, According To Spotify (2)

Deciding on your wedding songs will probably be a difficult but exciting a part of your wedding planning. Now, I have no hard proof for this idea moreover expressively waves hand at that chart, however this is what I assume is causing the funky trimodal distribution above: Everyone on the wedding — the couple, their dad and mom, their mother and father’ parents — gets a couple of songs from once they were in their late teenagers and early 20s.

The point: Wedding playlists consist of a core of songs that seem very frequently, plus several more uncommon songs which can be informed by the choices of the couple and — based on what people informed me of their emails — the customarily emphatic suggestions of family.

When I was a baby, I was at a marriage with my dad and we danced together to Seal’s Kiss from a Rose”, and we also danced to that when he remarried two years ago, and I can inform you for positive that that’ll be the song we dance to at my wedding.

There are also father/daughter dance songs, a marriage music for mother and son (mom and groom), each sets of parents (with the bride and groom dancing with their new in-laws earlier than reuniting) and even step parents and the marriage celebration tune.

My first thought was that completely different songs get phased out survival-of-the-fittest model In 10 years’ time, maybe Low” will be the sole vestige of 2007, and its contemporaries — Cupid Shuffle,” Paper Planes ” and Electric Feel” — will likely be misplaced to time.