Tips on Holding a Wedding Reception at Home

Wedding reception, is a peak event conducted by the bride and groom in completing the wedding procession. Starting from the concept of the show, the selection of places, decorations, party dishes, makeup to souvenirs into the order of the needs of the reception. Wedding reception becomes the most costly thing, although of course you can get around with various alternative ways, one of them by holding a wedding reception at home.

Holding a party at home does not mean your budget will go down drastically, but at least the cost to rent the building you can allocate for other needs and receptions at home have the flexibility of a better time. Quoted from some sources following tips if you want to hold a reception at home.

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  • Clean the House and the Surroundings

Before holding a reception you should clean your house and the neighborhood, it is highly recommended because it will reflect your personal. A clean environment will also make your guests comfortable while attending your reception.

  • Request Permission to neighbors

You can ask permission or approval to the neighbors around if you want to hold a reception at home, this is because you will close some access roads to their homes or will disturb their breaks. You can also involve some neighbors as your wedding reception committee.

  • Prepare the amount of electricity supply

Electricity becomes one of the primary needs for the sustainability of your reception event, so make sure you have completed some power sources for your event needs. Do not let when your electrical event goes off because you are not doing well and re-checking your preparations.

  • Choose Decorations and Nuances of Reception

Usually couples who choose to do the reception at home will show the concept of home in the selection of decorations. Therefore, you are not advised to use many decorations on your decoration, either in the aisle, the buffet or the hut. Make sure the lighting and air circulation is enough because often invited guests feel hot and uncomfortable when attending a wedding reception at home. Do not forget to use some items in your home that may be used as an additional sweetener your wedding decorations, such as your collection of ornamental plants.

  • Set Cost

As one of the goals for frugality, doing a home wedding reception should also be balanced with several other things that support the savings. You can use some services of relatives or close friends to help you prepare your catering and entertainment decorations if you are limited to it.

Invitations and souvenirs are often a lot of money, you are advised to choose well the material that you will use for both. For invitations, you can use the option of online invitation or materials from Samson paper, use your creativity to design the design. Souvenirs that you use should be useful things, can be stored or displayed in a long time, for example you can give souvenirs such as plant seeds, tote bags, or a display of terrarium. Pack in a unique way.