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The Best Relief for the Terminally Ill

Marijuana use in the alleviation of the effects of the diseases suffered by the terminally and critically ill has never been a straightforward topic for a long time. The drug was banned in many parts of the world for recreational and medical purposes. Banning marijuana from medical use has nothing to do with medical reasons, and everything to do with politics. It has been seen that any group in support of the ban has a political angle And a pharmaceutical group’s backing.

Medical marijuana has come in handy in assisting patients, especially those in the various stages of cancer. It assists them to overcome nausea experienced during chemotherapy, as well as from the disease itself as it progresses. It has also assisted patients suffering from HIV and Aids to get bigger appetites for food, as well as maintaining a larger portion consumption. Marijuana can also be administered to patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, brain cancer, and other conditions.

When you consider the many benefits of the drugs, it becomes necessary to find out why the drug remains so unpopular in other quarters. It can be seen that many political and special interest groups do not wish to see the continued acceptance of the drug, for their selfish reasons. Most of these groups actively denounce and discourage the acceptance of the drug, as they actively advertise their different solutions. They have done their best to show the world just how addictive and bad marijuana is. Such negative marketing makes the acceptance of marijuana as the best option nearly impossible. Politicians who stand to benefit from the adoption of the alternative means will be the first ones to paint it as a drug that will destroy the youth through abuse. For their services, politicians will receive adequate compensation for all their publicity work. Once in power, they repay their generosity by stopping any legislation that could make marijuana more acceptable.

We can also consider what people would use, in case there was no marijuana or pharmaceutical drugs. This argument does not hold, since that would mean subjecting people to far worse and heavier drugs, with proven track records of extreme dependency and havoc to the users’ lives. There have been medical versions of cocaine, heroin, oxytocin, and such. Those were far worse alternatives to any other means. It would be terrible to consider ever using them. They also promote the use of marijuana. When compared to them, marijuana is cheaper and better. It also exists naturally, unlike them.

The only reason people are not using marijuana to relieve most of the pain they are suffering from, is because of political and pharmaceutical interests. It would be a brilliant idea to allow for the setting up or more marijuana dispensaries in the world. Patients would greatly benefit from this cheaper and safer alternative to what pharmaceutical companies are currently offering. What is seen as a problem is actually a solution in waiting.

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